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Doreen Roberts Hight

 Doreen Roberts Hight is the best-selling author of over 60 books that have been sold all over the world.  She writes romances as Doreen Roberts and mysteries as Kate Kingsbury, Rebecca Kent and Allison Kingsley.  You can find Doreen on Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads and other review websites.   Her upstairs/downstairs mystery series featuring the Pennyfoot Hotel released the 21st and final book in the series in November 2013.  Her new series, The Merry Ghost Inn Mysteries debuted in January 2017.





 I celebrated the new year with a brand new series - The Merry Ghost Inn Mysteries!  The first book, DEAD AND BREAKFAST, was released on January 10th, and I'm hoping you will all pay a visit.  You will meet Melanie and her grandmother, Liza, the joint owners of the inn, and Max, the sheepdog, who helps the amateur sleuths solve murders.  You just might run into Orville, the resident ghost, who laughs in all the wrong places at all the wrong times.  You will love meeting the residents of Sully's Landing, a beautiful little town on the picturesque and rocky coast of Oregon.   The second book, DOOM WITH A VIEW, will be released in the fall.  Melanie and Liza are eagerly awaiting your visit! 

Much to my dismay, the publishers cancelled the Manor House series after I had written the ninth book.  Since I am unable to write more of them, I have written a wrap-up of the characters' lives, which you will find on the Kate Kingsbury page.  My sincere thanks to all of you who wrote to say how disappointed you were with the ending.  I wish I could have had the opportunity to end the series as I would have liked.



 Have you ever wondered how the Pennyfoot Hotel got its name?   The answer is also on the Kate Kingsbury page.


To all my fans!

As always, I wish you all health, happiness and contentment. I write for you, my readers, and your Emails are a constant delight. My deepest thanks to all who have written to tell me how much you enjoy my books.   

Earlier this year I released a short prequel to the Pennyfoot series.  In the short story, A Perilous Promise, you will learn how it all began - how Cecily became the owner of the hotel, what triggered her passion for solving crimes and her first reactions upon meeting Hugh Baxter, the man who would evetually mean the world to her.  Find it on Amazon!      

  The Pennyfoot Christmas books became a tradition for so many of you, and I'm truly grateful for your continuing support.    Bless you all.



 Write to me at doreenkate@yahoo.com  I promise I'll answer!


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